Britain Defeated Argentina in the 2014 Hockey World Cup Match

Harry Martin said that the English team should be able to pass a very severe situation. Beeston hockey player of this club is a great encouragement for all of the England team. England indeed has passed the very tough phase after being defeated by the Argentine national team at the World Cup in 2014 in The Hague.
England 2-0 end to the dream of winning a match that was held on last Sunday. All the players are desperate with very surprising results. Previous members of the team are optimistic to beat Argentina. But the end result has to kill all members of the team confidence. And Harry Martin gives encouragement to all players that they must hold together to get the best results.
Since 1986 the UK had never become a world champion. This country has always been in second place, so that almost every match of World Cup matches they wish to become champion. This situation is really emotional for all team members. Pressure from various parties and the media are to make the player feel heavy to move. But they have to undergo all phases of rising and falling together.